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Hearing Aid Rechargeable - Hearing Amplifier

Hearing Aid Rechargeable - Hearing Amplifier

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The Rechargeable Battery Hearing Amplifier is an essential accessory that makes a difference for those with hearing impairments.

Mini Rechargeable Hearing Aid

The Rechargeable Hearing Amplifier has a high-power amplifier and a noise reduction chip that guarantees quality sound.

Mini Rechargeable Hearing Aid

The noise reduction chip converts sound into electronic information and only essential signals are amplified and transmitted, reducing background noise. This way, you can hear better even in noisy environments.


  • Adjustable device that can be adapted to individual needs;
  • Noise reduction chip reduces background noise;
  • 4 operating modes;
  • Low battery warning (charges via USB);
  • Works for up to 80 hours (charges in 4-6 hours);
  • Discreet design.

For people with hearing loss, this is an opportunity to hear the world around them by using the Digital Hearing Amplifier.

Mini Rechargeable Hearing Aid

Usage tips:

Adjust the volume to a minimum before use.
Gradually increase the volume to avoid sudden increases in sound.
Keep the earplug clean.

Mini Rechargeable Hearing Aid


Max output: 129+4dB

Max gain: 38±5dB

Harmonic Distortion: ≤5%

Hearing aid size: 15 x 40 x 10 mm

Weight: Approximately 6.5g

Mini Rechargeable Hearing Aid

Package Contents

1x Hearing Amplifier (selected color at purchase)

4x Different sized earplugs

1x USB cable.

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