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Men's High Compression Shorts - Perfect Shape

Men's High Compression Shorts - Perfect Shape

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Renewed Self-Esteem: Shape Your Abdomen and Reduce Measurements with the Men's Slimming High Compression Shorts.

men's compression shorts

Developed with Nylon and Elastane, the Men's High Compression Shorts provide abdominal compression and lumbar support for daily use.

With its high elastic waist, it's great for workouts or to hide that beer belly. Its high-quality fabric and stitching make it imperceptible underclothing.

men's compression shorts

The Men's Slimming High Compression Shorts are ideal for all situations: dinners, meetings, work, exercise, parties, nightclubs, weddings - anywhere you desire.

men's compression shorts

Choose the ideal size for you:

men's compression shorts


  • Great for daily use;
  • Breathable and elastic material provides maximum flexibility and freedom of movement;
  • The U-shaped design fits the hips and keeps them up, lifting your thighs and giving your body a slimmer, firmer, younger and more fit appearance, providing instant support and remodeling.


Material: Nylon and Spandex.

Package Contents

1 Men's Slimming High Compression Shorts.

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